Now that you have decided to buy new, it is important to understand your protection. In Ontario, new home owners are protected under the Tarion Warranty Corporation. Tarion is a private corporation that protects the rights of new home buyers and regulates new home builders. Tarion administers the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act, which outlines the warranty protection that new home purchasers are entitled to in Ontario.

Tarion’s Mandate

License new home builders and vendors

Ensure builders/vendors abide by the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act

Help educate new home buyers about their warranty rights

Protect consumers when builders fail to fulfil their warranty obligations

Resolve disputes about warranty coverage

Investigate illegal building practices

Promote high standards of new home construction

Mariman Homes is backed by Tarion Home Warranty Program including:

Complete Customer Service Program for one full year

Two Year Warranty Protection against defects in workmanship and materials including:

Caulking for windows and doors preventing water penetration;

Electrical, plumbing, heating delivery and distribution systems;

Detachment, displacement or deterioration of exterior cladding; and

All violations of the Ontario Building Code’s Health and Safety Provisions

Seven Year Warranty Protection against major structural defects(as defined in the Tarion Warranties Plan Act) including:

A defect in workmanship and materials that results in the failure of a load bearing part of the home’s structure; or

Any defect in workmanship of materials that adversely affects your use of the building as a home

Warranties are limited to the requirements established by the Tarion Warranty Plan Act

Tarion offers a Licensed Builder Directory that legitimizes all builders in Ontario. Mariman Homes is a registered builder and proud member under the Tarion Warranty Corporation.